Welcome. I'm Tami, the Founder of Salty Bath.

My journey into holistic wellness began over 20 years ago.

I discovered the power of a long, warm salty soak in college, and at the same time, became passionate about using essential oils for optimal well-being, and in particular, the mind-body connection.

It made so much sense since I love being at the beach and spending time in nature, and I developed a wealth of experience in natural, non-toxic remedies for many ailments as a result. 

I found myself wanting to create that same "fresh, salty air" feeling in my own home when I couldn't get to the beach or a spa. And over the course of my life, what I now appreciate, is this led to the path of holistic wellness that has become my "go-to" whenever the daily rigors of life feel too stressful or overwhelming. Because even with the best intentions, chances are if you are out in the world living a life, you are going to encounter stress, and feel depleted.

As I achieved success or entered a new stage of my life, I found new challenges and stresses to overcome.

The most wonderful experience of my life is being a present mom to my 3 boys. But it's also one of the most challenging ones, too. My kids are wonderful, but as any parent discovers, it's a 24/7, year-round job, that can leave you sleep-deprived and cranky! Recharging is an essential part of staying healthy, but I had to create my own ritual, one that was easy, affordable and convenient.

As a busy working mom with a full, creative life, my tub became my reliable sacred space, and it has never let me down when I need to recharge my batteries. Let's be honest, moms take on a ton of everyone's else's "stuff" and we become the glue of our families. But let's take that a step further - women are the glue of this society, and regardless of what role -- or roles-- you have, we shoulder a lot, which requires us to have endless energy. We often forget ourselves in that process. Until we run around completely depleted, burned out, and experiencing less joy and presence in our own lives. For me, when I let myself get to that point, the last thing I wanted to do was figure out how to solve it, so I avoided it. 

We are so thrilled to be able to help people around the globe, to re-charge their lives, tune in to themselves, and do something good for their bodies, inside and out. 

The best part is everything about what we've created is exactly how nature intended it to be: no harsh chemicals, only natural and organic ingredients, sourced from the earth's healing energy. We believe in the pursuit of a positive, high vibe life, filled with laughter, love, and connectedness - to each other, and the world around us.

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