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Spa Bath Box

All the amazing benefits of mindful bathing, delivered every month. The Spa box includes an 8 oz jar of our custom-blended bath soak, made of mineral-rich sea salts and exquisite essential oils, a reiki-charged soy candle, an essential oil roller, so you can bring the pure essence of aromatherapy with you wherever you go, a healing crystal and artisan-designed meditation mandala card to help you set a special intention for your bath. Every box includes special surprises and high-vibe goodies to help you create positive energy beyond the bath. Retail value: $40+.

Luxe Bath Box

Every month you will get a complete rejuvenating bath ritual to purify skin, mind, and spirit. In total, your box will include a pampering assortment of 5 to 6 full-sized products made with natural and organic ingredients, along with high-vibe delights. The ritual includes our custom-formulated sea salt soaks infused with exquisite essential oils and skin boosting botanicals, aromatherapy, crystals, candles, and surprise bonus perks ranging from artisan-made jewelry, fair trade chocolate, our custom line of botanical beauty products, and more. Retail value is always more than $50.

Ultra Luxe Bath Box

The ultimate at-home spa experience that revitalizes the whole body. Every month you will get a super-sized, freshly-mixed mineral-rich bath soak, made of detoxifying sea salt that we custom blend with therapeutic grade essential oils. Every formula is special and unique and provides enough salts for as many as six restorative baths. Our Ultra Luxe members get a dropper bottle of that month's custom blended oil to add to diffusers, to your moisturizer, etc. Your box will include our artist-designed meditation mandala card and a reiki-charged soy candle and exclusive "perks" such as exquisite jewelry and other artisanal finds from around the globe, along with our custom line of plant-and sea-based body care products. In total, your box will include an assortment of 7 to 9 organic and natural bath and body products -- with a mix of enchanting delights to pamper you, body and soul. Over $75 retail value in every box.

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