We want to help you become your best self.

Whether you want to soothe away every ache or pain, draw out impurities in your body, sleep better, reduce stress levels or restore your body to a harmonious balance, Salty Bath beckons you to soak in the healing powers of sea salt and essential oils.

Giving back is also important to us. That's why we will donate a percentage of profits to support charities dedicated to bathing the homeless, or clean water initiatives, bringing water to those who need it most around the globe. We all benefit when we love ourselves, and we love others.



I discovered the power of a long, warm salty soak in college, and at the same time, became passionate about using essential oils for optimal well-being. It made so much sense since I love being at the beach and spending time in nature, and I developed a wealth of experience in natural remedies for many ailments as a result. As a busy working mom with a super-busy lifestyle, my tub has become my go-to sacred space, and has never let me down when I need to recharge my batteries. We are so thrilled to be able to help people around the globe, to re-charge their lives, tune in to themselves, and do something good for their bodies, inside and out. The best part is everything about what we've created is exactly how nature intended it to be: no harsh chemicals, only natural and organic ingredients, sourced from the earth's healing energy. We believe in the pursuit of a positive, high vibe life, filled with laughter, love, and connectedness - to each other, and the world around us.

How it all started

In the beginning...

Everything starts with the sea.

A couple of years ago, when sitting on the beach at sunset, my husband Dan and I  talked about what we could do to extend our purpose in life.  

We challenged ourselves to think of creative ways that we could share the hard-won insights that we had earned over the years.  I've  benefited from great mentors who had shown me the power of natural remedies, the calm that comes from consistent practice, the power of soaking in mineral salts and using essential oils. 

How could I share this experience with others?

Where we are today...

Salty Bath was born from the desire to help you to be your best self.  I want you to relax, restore and renew, to harmonize your world, mind, body and soul.

Every day, we are in our lab creating the most exquisite line of natural and organic resources to help you better manage your day-to-day, de-stress and be more present in your life.

I want to make it easy and fun.  I want to make it life-changing.  I want to make it the catalyst that brings you back to yourself.

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